Sign Posts

May 22, 2013

by Michael George Price

At one time, I was traveling down the roads of my life so fast that I missed many important “sign posts”. It was as though I was driving down the highway at 90 to 100 mph, when I passed a sign that looked as though I should have read it but didn’t have time. Just as I settled back into my journey, I would whiz past another sign. I would ask myself “what did that sign say”, but I didn’t stop or slow down.

As an example, when I was a new recruit in the military, the drill sergeant and his staff selected me as the leader of a large group of fellow recruits. I had no military experience. I did not know marching commands or even how to salute properly. Yet, I was selected. When I moved on to technical training, I progressed to the highest student leadership level possible. Still, I did not recognize this sign that I had talents and gifts for leadership and communication.

There have been several such signs in my life that tried to tell me that I had gifts and talents for communication, teaching and leadership.

Finally, I slowed down enough to read the signs. When I did, I become aware that it was very familiar and similar to what the other signs had looked like.

When I took the time to look at, and read the signs, I started to notice and focus on the gifts, talents and passions that I have been given to use and bring to the world.

I believe the majority of us have experienced this. Most of us have missed many sign posts in our lives. We may be aware of the sign posts as they occur, but do not pay attention, recognizing their true value, what they were trying to tell us.

Learn to recognize and “read” the sign posts.

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