Getting Smarter, Stronger and Richer

August 23, 2013

By Phil Humbert

I’m often amazed at how few people intentionally plan their own Personal Development. Even folks who have precise, written goals for their business and finances, or who work hard on physical fitness rarely assess their personal strengths and weaknesses and devise a plan to live their lives with power, style, and grace.

To me, that’s a shame.

Living a great life is no accident! None of us was born knowing how to set priorities, how to develop our best skills or knowing how to get along with difficult people. Life does not come with an “owners manual.” That is up to each of us.

For better or worse, most of us sort of “absorb” some basic social skills and community standards, and often that’s enough for most people. But that level of “automatic” learning will never get you to the top. It will never let you achieve or be your best. It will make you “average,” and who wants to be average and ordinary?

Last week I was talking with a client about her list of “dailies.” This is a term I use in my own life and with most of my clients to describe a set of “daily disciplines” that remind me to grow, to learn, to focus on my values and become my best. In her case, we talked about starting with a Daily Three based on the affirmation that, “Every day I am getting Smarter, Stronger, and Richer.”

Getting Smarter

For this client “Getting Smarter” refers to learning something new, every single day. She’s committed to reading or listening to audio programs, or watching DVD’s that will teach her about business and sales, about history and culture, or about being a better parent to her young son.

Her commitment requires a few minutes a day, but every single day she wants to develop new and better skills in areas that are important to her. Even ten or twenty minutes, repeated daily, will make a huge difference. And so, she affirms, “Every day I am getting Smarter.”

Getting Stronger

My client is also committed to health and wellness. She’s young and vibrant and recently gave birth and she wants to be strong, fit and energized. So every day, she rides her bike or does some stretching or exercising. It may be only fifteen minutes, but over time that small investment will pay dramatic dividends. But only if she persists. So, she affirms, “Every day I’m getting Stronger.”

Getting Richer

She and her husband own a small business, but business skills don’t come naturally for her. No one taught her as a child or in college, so she’s intentionally learning to make more sales, to manage the “back office” and run the business. She figures the tuition of learning by trial-and- error will take too long and cost far too much, so she studies. She reads. She has a coach, and she’s taking classes. She’s getting good at this! And she affirms, “Every day, I’m getting Richer.”

Her list of Daily Disciplines has only three items, but she’s determined to invest a few minutes every day to become the entrepreneur, the Mom and the Person she wants to be. To help her get there, she repeats the affirmation, “Every day I’m getting Smarter, Stronger and Richer.”

Are you the person you want to be? Personal Development is an art, a skill, and a delight. Over time and with persistence, it lets you live an amazing, on-purpose life of your own choice, a life that is consistent with your most important values and priorities. Develop you own plan and your own affirmation. Then, take action! What are your “Dailies?” Write them down, develop a plan and follow- through.

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