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March 9, 2011

The Leadership Corner is a blog published monthly.

We provide valuable tips, research and connection to business leaders and managers who want to build their knowledge, skills and abilities together.  Our focus will be on developing our own leadership skills, which results in acceleration of our goals and brings out the best in our people in order to optimize their impact on the bottom line.

Every edition will include at least one article that will provide  insights or skill development.   And, each month you will find a new book review.

We have a calendar with webinar, teleconference and other free events that may be of value to you.  The  events are focused on leadership, management and personal development, which we believe will accelerate growth and optimize potential.

This is your blog, the place you go to connect with trusted business colleagues.   With that in mind,  your are invited to share topics of interest, best practices, book reviews and articles that you believe would be of interest to your colleagues.

The Leadership Corner is sponsored by Beth (Papiano) Romano.

Beth is the owner of Unlimited Potential and a nationally known coach and social systems consultant who works with business leaders and managers to optimize performance.  She also coaches HR managers to increase their value to the businesses they support.

Beth helps her clients accelerate their personal growth which results in more time to focus on the things that are most important to them (personal and business).

Her expertise in designing social systems that produce cultures of accountability, and in facilitating leadership, team development and new manager integration have resulted in many businesses increasing employee engagement, productivity and profitability.

Beth’s 20+ years experience as an organizational effectiveness manager and coach within Fortune 100 companies, including Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems, and her commitment to continuous learning make her a valuable resource to her clients.

Beth’s people-family live in NJ and she lives in Colorado with her four-legged family of two horses and two golden retrievers.

You can contact Beth directly by phone or email.

Office  719.495.9002


Please visit us at  our website www.unltdpotential.com


Thank you for visiting The Leadership Corner.

We welcome your comments and your recommendations.

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